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▌ Atashi ni tsuite...^^

How to start? XD I'm a big bad fangirl! XD That means I'm completely obsessed with all I love!!! Now this means: Ueda and KAT-TUN in the first place, then Japan and Japanese, and the top3 ends with jpop music! ^^
I'm now studying Japanese at the University, and I don't think I could have done a better choice!
Ok, I hate this kind of things, I can't talk about myself! $>-<$
Let's try something like this: affectionate, loyal, addicted to snuggles, violent, tomboy-ish, stubborn, libra (and this means a lot of things! XD), talkative, lazy, cuteness-addicted, stupid, nervous, crazy...My way of living can be summarized as: "You don't like me? That's your loss! Baaaaaa~ka! XP"
Ah, and I'm almost dyslectic when it comes to type on a keyboard, bear with it! There's nothing I can do about it...

▌ My little, cute loves! ^^

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